Notice Regarding Keeping Merchant Data Safe

You may have read or heard about the Heartbleed bug that has recently been in the news. As your trusted payment processing provider, we wanted to share with you some of our action plan regarding events like this, to help reassure you that your data is safe and to relieve any apprehensions you may have regarding Heartbleed.


The CCBill Information Security staff was fully aware of the Heartbleed issue upon its release and immediately began checking our infrastructure. Through these efforts, we have verified that we are not susceptible to this bug as we do not use the affected software. Furthermore, we have a number of additional safeguards in place to prevent any such attacks.


Should you have additional questions regarding this issue, feel free to contact our Support Team at 800-510-2859 if you are calling from the U.S. or Canada, or +855-588-3585 if calling from other locations.


As an Arizona business, CCBill joins the call to veto SB1062

During our 15+ years in business, we have watched legislation around the world impact individual civil rights – both online and in the real world, and when we see legislative attempts in our own backyard which damage civil rights progress, as well as have a potential impact on our business, we have to speak up.


We have respectfully joined other business leaders asking the Governor of Arizona, the honorable Jan Brewer, to veto the Senate Bill 1062, and to make a clear and definitive public statement that Arizona values all of its citizens and warmly welcomes all of its visitors.


As a global online business, CCBill relies on objectivity, as well as policies which support open business in order to thrive. Already, mass and social media have spread the message that Arizona’s legislature sanctions business discrimination against certain individual and groups. This is contradictory to the Arizona we know and love, and contradictory to what we see as a requirement of fairness and equality to do business in a global and local market.


As CCBill has matured as a business, we take pride is our business culture and belief in working with any business or any customer without regard to race, religion, ability or sexual orientation.  We support the right to the free exercise of religion, but that right must not encroach on the dignity and well-being of others as they seek participation in open commerce and in open society.


We stand in wait for our governor to make the right decision.




Introducing: The Dream Forum

The Dream Forum is designed around how to make your business and financial dreams come true. It is an all-encompassing mini-trade show event in which things like the below can be shared to adapt and thrive in today’s market  … across industries.

  • Business partnership arrangements, 

  • Affiliate business models, 

  • OneClick upgrades, 

  • Cross-sell models, and 

  • Other strategies 

New ideas are not strictly a component of online adult entertainment only, but rather an aspect of conducting any sort of business in today’s marketplace. And while it may seem like other businesses are just too different from those in our industry, the next big idea is just waiting to be developed. By thinking and dreaming outside of the “norm”, new ideas, conversations, revenue, and sales opportunities can flourish. 


The Dream Forum will take place on Saturday, March 29 2014. If your company would like to participate in this year’s Dream Forum, complete the quick registration process here:


Spaces are limited, and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.


We are Virtually There...

CCBill is participating again this year in two free networking events during the Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention (AEVC) that starts on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 through Saturday, March 1, 2014.


It is the latest way to get together with the CCBill sales team and account manager in a central location - without leaving your home or work - and we will be at two networking hour events during AEVC.  AEVC attendees are invited to join CCBill for a cocktail and a show picture at the company’s CCBill booth.




Here are the attendees on the CCBill Teams for sales and marketing from 2013, posing for a photo at out booth. From left to right: Gary, Mili, Laurie, Jeff, Paul, Sean and Renee.


To learn more and register for this event, visit


More Reports = Better Forecasting

More - more - more!


We've added more reports to our new FlexStats Reporting System! Two new report options, Scheduled Rebills and Cancellations, are now available on the current platform of transaction reports. These reports allow merchants to quickly and easily access an array of data and information to better evaluate both current and future trends.

Designed to showcase all subscriptions that are scheduled to rebill, the Scheduled Rebills report includes a multitude of features including a dynamic interface, time-frame specific quick stats and detailed breakdowns of Scheduled Rebills (payment types, region, currency, etc.). Whats cool about the changes in these reports is the ability to trend and see graphical data for timeframes. Nice way to look at the future at a glance...


Cancellation reports provide data pertaining to cancellations for merchant's accounts. Quick Stats information, along with other details such as income per cancellation, average number of times each cancellation was rebilled, graphing, snapshots and data conversions further assist in analyzing subscription data.

As we continue to take steps to provide an interactive set of business intelligence support tools, we invite you to explore these new reports and begin taking advantage of the many benefits both will provide you with!


To learn more please feel free to contact our Merchant Support Team.


P.S. If you like the old Scheduled Rebills report, it can be accessed via the mobile version of our admin, MobileStats.

CCBill On-the-Road

Happy New Year!


It is “January show season” once again, and CCBill’s team is looking forward to seeing our merchants, peers and our friends at these terrific networking and business shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


2013 was a busy year for CCBill and we are excited to share some of the many new things available and in development for our merchants, including the new intelligent payment forms and our expanding One-Click Purchasing options, as our menu of built-in business tools continues to grow. This is a great time for us to connect at the shows and thank you for being one of our loyal merchants. As always, our goal is help you and your business get the most out of the 2014 year.


At CCBill, we know that our industry is in a state of constant change and to remain on top, you have to adapt to these changes. From 1998 to tomorrow, CCBill remains committed to remaining knowledgeable and agile in order to support your evolving business needs.  We strongly believe that ‘Champions Adapt' and our merchants are the champions.


If you are in Las Vegas or Los Angeles over the next couple of weeks, we would love to catch up on your latest projects and see how we can help. Please come see us at these following shows and events:

In addition to the shows, CCBill is also honored to be nominated for nine awards this season, including the XBIZ Award for Progressive Web Company of the Year.


Please, feel free to contact us to setup a time to meet in person by emailing us or calling 855-4-CCBILL. We hope to hear from you and see you in January.


Desktop, Tablet, Ultrabook, Smart Phone, Smart TV - ANYWHERE

As part of our new initiatives this year at CCBill, we are very excited to announce some big updates to our payment and join forms in CCBill. While our forms have been 'smart' for years, sensing language and location of the buyer - we have added completely responsive design that automatically re-sizes to the window, no matter the device - providing the same experience to those using mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices from anywhere.

We have also streamlined the design for a clean, clear layout - highlighting what has been proven to promote trust in the transaction - that CCBill is your trusted payment provider. (pssst: These new updates are just a taste of what is coming in 2014 from CCBill, with the new FlexForms system.)

Features include:

  • A completely responsive design that auto-sizes to  any screen
  • An enhanced language selection functionality
  • The ability for merchants to apply forms to different payment types
  • A more intuitive and clean check-out process
  • Auto-sensing of browsers, language, and country/region

See an example of the redesigned forms here

I think what is most exciting is that our initial data in testing the forms shows a doubling of the form submission rate and a significant increase in completions. 

The new forms are available now in the CCBill Admin for all credit/debit/prepaid card types offered, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Delta, Visa Electron, Carte Bleu, Diner's Club, Maestro, Switch, bank debits, and online checks in the US, and our several European payment options including the new SEPA payments. 




CCBill Receives Two XBIZ Awards Nominations!

CCBill is honored to have been nominated for two XBIZ Awards for 2014 and we are very excited to be part of a new category for us this year.


Nominated for IPSP Payment Processor of the Year once again places CCBill alongside a group of exceptional companies and leaders in the industry. We are honored to be recognized with our peers and our friends in the industry.


But after what is turning out to be a landmark year of progress for CCBill, we are thrilled to be nominated as Progressive Web Company of the Year! As the only billing companies to be included in this list, which generally populated by studios and programs, it means a great deal to us at CCBill for the industry to notice the extensive efforts we are taking to adapt to the changing market and the changing way buyers pay now.


We want to extend our sincerest thanks to XBIZ staff and voters who took the time to nominate us and support our ongoing efforts to help our industry.


The 2014 XBIZ Awards will be held at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. on Friday, January 24, 2014. 

Click here to see a complete list of the nominees.


Hello? Anyone There?

Life is crazy with social media, phone messages, text messages, emails - you name it - and we are bombarded by incoming messages several times a minute it seems.

And CCBill can add to that craziness, with notices about features, banking issues, account questions and a number of relevant issues on your account. But we don't send emails to our merchants or affiliates messages unless they are related to doing business online - or have something to do with your account with CCBill.

PLUS, lately, you may have noticed we have been rolling out a number of new features and business opportunities for the industry. As we continue to update CCBill to meet the changing way people pay online, we wanted to make sure you are staying “in-the-know”.


To that end, make sure to add,, and email domains to your whitelist, so you can always learn about the latest features. Along with the updates and enhancements, we are expanding our notifications to include newsletters and new business opportunities.


Expect good things from us - but make sure you get the notifications to keep you up to date on those good things. It's not SPAM, it's business!





CCBill Nominated for iDate Award

We are excited to announce that CCBill has been nominated for Best Payment System at the 5th Annual iDate Awards, Internet Dating Awards for the Best in Online Dating and Matchmaking.


We have been working and expanding our services to support the unique aspects of online dating and thrilled to be included alongside so many exceptional companies. The list of nominees in other categories also include a number of our merchants, as well as friends in the industry.


The 2014 iDate Award show is slated for Las Vegas on January 15, 2014 at the Luxor Hotel.


Voting started and continues until January 3, 2014, and you can cast your vote for the dating industry nominees here.   We hope that you will support CCBill with your vote - and we look forward to seeing you at the show!




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